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    New guy here. So I have a set of Fullerton era Rogers I bought in 71. Amazing drums. A while back I noticed some after buzz when playing the toms (I have 12, 13 and 14" up top) . I took them apart and put small pieces of foam in the lugs, the usual fix. No go. I have it narrowed down to the muffler on the 13. I put a nylon washer between the knob and the small plate on the shell, again no go. I think it's the spring. I play them wide open, so I could just take the whole muffler out but I'd rather leave the drum whole. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Without much to go on, you might try using some painters tape or masking tape (something that doesn't "over-stick") and wrap it around the spring assembly. Coated heads would hide it if it were cosmetically unattractive.
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    If you know it's the internal muffler, I would just take it out. But that's me.
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    Here's a couple of suggestions I found pertaining to the Rogers tom buzz which seems pretty common for the tom muffler:

    • The hinged area is metal on metal. If it is, open it up and straighten out the piece of flat stock that holds the muffler pad where the hole for the adjustment screw goes into. It tends to bend over time.

    Rogers Fullerton tom muffler:


    • Rogers didn't notch their wraps at the seams at the edge like Camco did, and like DW does now. Therefore, you'd often get a buzz from the overlapped wrap if it began to separate, and also the heads oftentimes would fit too snugly b/c of this.

    • A lot of older Rogers kits where the wrap isn't filed down enough away from the edge. You'll get a buzz from the wrap against the head.

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