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    Following a few changes in the bands I'm now playing in, I now only need to take my full kit to gigs with both rehearsal studios having at least the drums in place with me just adding in my own cymbals and other bits and pieces as necessary. Consequently, I'm looking for a better way to transport/carry the items I need for rehearsal without having to take my full hardware case; essentially looking to be able to travel light whilst still having everything I need. I'm looking for something not overly heavy but will still stand up to wear and tear. The idea is that I want to be able to carry all I need in by hand; one hand for my cymbal case and the other hand for all the other bits. The kind of things I'm looking for this bag/case to carry include:

    Tambourine and mounting bracket
    Cow bell and mounting bracket
    Stick bag (usual mid sized)
    Moon gel
    Various spares such as snare wire straps, kick pedal spring, hi-hat clutch, etc.
    A4 folder containing charts
    Drum keys

    I've come across a few options online such as this one from Hardcase but would welcome any input from those with experience of such things.

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    I would go to a couple of hardware stores first to see what they have. You could end up saving quite a bit that way.
    - Tom

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    I carry more stuff than that in my pockets, LOL. Honestly, for no more than that, Id go to Walmart and pick up a travel or sports duffel bag.

    If you want a more professional look, (or even tactical), you could do a cheap water-tight, lockable case from Harbor Freight or another on-line retailer. Line it w/foam and it will be quiet and protective as well.
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    Thanks both; much appreciated.
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    I carry a pearl BD pedal, cowbell, zildjian stick bag, 3-ring binder, 4 mic cables, duct tape, and a few 5hr energy bottles all in a duffel bag I got from walmart.
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