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Thread: Ketu Candomble origins in backbeat culture on drum set

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    Default Ketu Candomble origins in backbeat culture on drum set

    i brought in the "Ketu codes in jazz" thead demonstrating amazing parallels in ketu beats and jazz rhythm innovation evolution history.

    now, check out these Ketu rhythms aplied to backbeat culture on drum set. playing with real players on atabaque and bell doing official Ketu rhythms , which is the rhythms and dances of the Afro Brazilian religion Ketu Candomble. it uses sticks so its easiar to see how it aplies to drum kit.

    its hard to be a profesional musician on drums and not play backbeat culture, rock, rhythm and blues, funk, blues, hip hop, disco , electronic dance music etc, all use back beat culture. im using the exact sticking of the "pi" and "le" patterns with bell sometimes on foot or ride, and just aplying backbeat and it works like a charm.

    one of the big benafits is fresh new grooves to play the things we know already .

    its also amazing once ive internalised these Ketu codes, i hear jazz and backbeat culture entirely differantly. just the other day i saw a docu on elvis and dj fontana is playing the "ilu" beat on ride with a back beat to "you aint nothing but a hound dog"...blows my mind

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    Default Re: Ketu Candomble origins in backbeat culture on drum set

    check out how these great musicians , koko bermejo on piano ( he is actualy a drummer) and tony cimorosi on accoustic bass , react to these ketu candomble beats in the same youtube above.

    i wanted to see how they play to these beats without any direction from me, to see how people who havent even studied these folkloric religous concepts , to see if they reacted natrualy to it, and they did

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