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    Hi, new to the site, and drumming. Broke a finger in the fret hand a while back so haven't been able to play guitar, but miss music.

    Got a Yamaha DTX 500 (v1.2) at a Goodwill auction and have been learning to use it. Missing the hi-hat - it had a an extra pad and manual pedal, but it's not the same. Will invest in a digital hi-hat when skills improve a bit. (Amazon has just the controller for twice what I paid for the entire kit, and that doesn't even count the stand.) Right now am concentrating on learning basic patterns, etc. It's fun!

    Am wondering if it's possible to turn down the volume on the drum portion of the songs, separate from the song itself. Not the drums I'm playing - the manual showed me how to adjust the various pad settings. However, the drums in the song are so loud I can barely hear what I'm playing over them, and if I turn the song volume down enough then I can barely hear the song.

    Have looked all over in the settings, and also searched this site before posting, so am thinking this may not be possible, but thought I'd ask here just in case anyone has been able to do it.


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    Welcome to the forum digiskins. I had a Yamaha DTXpress III 2004 module that had songs stored in memory and as I recall, there was an option on the module to play songs with or without drums. After selecting a song, the menu option allowed me to toggle the left or right arrow to access the drumless tracks. Look again to see if you missed something that's buried deep in the instruction manual. Good luck and I hope your fret hand heals fast.


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