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    Just for something fun to do on my first day of retirement, me and the wife are headed to the World's most gigantic casino resort.............North of DFW..............the second you cross over into Oklahoma.................for a good Saturday night rock show:

    38 Special opening for Kansas

    Of course, a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate and might even need to throw some dice for a while..............
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
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    Wow, 2 of my favorite bands! Enjoy!
    - Tom

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    For me too, Tom.

    Kansas is always a good live band with a large library of fun music.............some of it is very good prog-rock.
    Williams and Ehart are still going strong.

    38 Special is important to me in that my band was selected to open for them at our 2013 State Fair.
    Gary Moffatt is their drummer -- he was the only guy that approached us from 38 -- told us we sounded really good (which was nice).
    Gary is a Pearl endorser and was playing birch Masters at our gig.
    He is a big biker-type guy but also was very easy to talk to. About a year later, Gary lost his wife to cancer...........very sad.
    Asked what would make him feel better, he said he just wanted to get back out on the road with 38 and play a lot.
    And after all these years, the band still brings it................Don Barnes is still amazingly good.
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
    (What Else Would I Ever Need ?)

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    Way to start the retirement! Congrats!!

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    Congratulations on your retirement!

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    Congratulations.. sounds like fun.
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian REGAL TiP

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    Follow-up = Concert Review:

    38 Special played a one-hour set with all the great hits - everyone in good form, as always.
    What I did not expect was for Kansas to be even better than ever...………...incredibly polished and hitting on all cylinders.
    Of course the veterans Ehart, Williams, Greer and Ragsdale were excellent...……..but the new guys Ronnie Platt and Tom Brislin……...OMG !!!

    Brislin is an outstanding addition on keys...…………..Platt also plays keys and is the new lead vocalist.
    Can he sing all the old Steve Walsh parts ?
    The answer is yes...………..very well and with power to spare...………...when you hear this guy, you just say WOW !
    AND THE COOL PART...…………..Platt is one of us.
    He is mid-50s and has played in cover bands all his life...………...he was invited out to Atlanta to audition and jam with the band.
    They awarded him the job and now he is out there making the band and the audiences very happy.

    Kansas is now 7 people and they can shift to dual guitars or dual keys - both with the electric violin.
    Greer is taking the role of the main guy for backing vocals and the spokesperson for the band.

    I've seen Kansas 7 or 8 times previously, and while I've certainly enjoyed them all, this current line-up is amazing.
    If you get the chance to see them live, I recommend you do it without hesitation.
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
    (What Else Would I Ever Need ?)

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    I would absolutely love to see the current Kansas. I saw them in Tunica, MS at one of the casinos there. Steve Walsh was still on keys and lead vocals, and the band just simply blew me away. They were WAY too loud, but once I installed my in-ears it was quite pleasant, and I could hear all the individual instruments and vocals very well.

    You've got to hand it to them - they are tough as nails. Touring as much as they do would be a real torture test at this age!


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