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    Just wondering if you guys have any recommendations on the best practice pad kit (not electronic) on the market? I can't set up an acoustic kit in my house due to the noise, so I'm on the lookout for a quiet alternative where I can practice independence, coordination, foot technique etc., rather than just practicing rudiments all the time!

    I've heard mixed reviews on the DW Go Anywhere kit - anyone have any experience with it or can recommend something better?


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    a drummer I gig with often has the DW warmup kit and he swears by it.
    Uses it religiously
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    I think Remo makes one. I used to own the Gibraltar practice pad set when I was in college. I don't think they're that popular because they don't feel good or make any kind of sound other than tapping. But serious drummers invest in them because they understand muscle memory and the importance of repetitive movement when practicing and of course, if you have no other way to practice quietly, this is the solution. Otherwise, the practice pad kits all about the same.
    - Tom

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