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    Hello, I just have a few questions about drum racks.

    1. What exactly are they used for? Is it like if you have a lot of cymbals or something?

    2. If so, would it be better to get a drum rack instead of cymbal stands if I'm planning on getting several cymbals?

    3. If I should buy one, what are some good brands/racks that I should get?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Racking a kit is a personal preference. I liked them, used them a lot regardless of how many cymbals I used.

    Transporting a rack is a major consideration when gigging. They are usually larger pieces than how nicely a stand can be compressed. Then inserted into a carry container of some sort.

    All stands can usually fit into one case. I used to just man handle my rack and keep it in one piece and just lug the entire thing into the gig.

    Set up time can be reduced but again depends on how many stands you would normally carry.

    I preferred the Pearl Icon rack due to the squared rails that guaranteed no slippage ever. I also owned a PDP rack and it had curved rails. They never slipped on me either but being round, over time the potential could be there.

    Price is another consideration. I good rack can easily be as much as a handful of stands.

    Over time you can better gauge if a rack is in your best interest. The best way is to buy one and alternate between your existing gear and the rack. Experience has no equal.
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    Default Re: Questions about drum racks

    Alright, thank you. I'll probably just get one eventually once I get enough money to buy a good one.

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    Have used racks over the years (Gibraltar & DW). They are great if you want the perfect set up every time. They can be a PITA to carry around & also on & off stage if you gig a lot. I now use Gibraltar Stealth Racks & find them to be excellent
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    I only use them if I'm either 1.) playing a house gig where you leave your gear set up for days at a time or 2.) in a band with roadies that help with set up and tear down. Otherwise, they're a pain in the ***.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Questions about drum racks

    For me, a drum rack is another tool in the box to use to set up a kit and the circumstances to use one is subject to change from gig to gig.

    As others have posted, it’s boils down to personal preferences such as:

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