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    So my son took a break from lessons in April as he was really feeling pressure due to schoolwork/anxiety, etc. I told him to just let me know when/if he was ready to go back and I would set it up. Well after the start of this school year he felt he had a good grasp on his workload and wanted to start back up with lessons again. I got with our instructor and we had our "welcome back" lesson today. It was really cool to see my son back at lesson. He and our instructor went over what his goals are, what he wants to focus on, workload, etc. to try and make sure drums don't become a stress point but remain fun. It was a great morning. As a really cool surprise, our instructor had made my son a mini practice pad (similar to the Ahead Wicked Chops) that we mounted next to our regular pad on a snare stand. We put it up in his room so he can practice whenever he wants.
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    Glad to hear his instructor is keeping the 'fun' element in drum lessons. That's important.
    - Tom

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    I'm glad to hear this.

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    Definitely glad to hear! Music should be fun and it's tough keeping it fun and having to learn. And with juggling school it's tough times.
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    Great news! Playing drums has always been a relief valve for me.

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    Thought this was about my favorite Aerosmith song

    Good to hear!
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