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    Default OT -- Us & Them Roger Waters movie)

    I saw this Wednesday night -- not what I expected -- but I enjoyed it.

    I thought I was going to see a Pink Floyd documentary.........turned out to be concert footage of Waters' current band playing a gig in Rio.........outstanding video and audio make this movie a pleasure too see and hear.

    The usual set-list:
    Songs from Dark Side, WYWH, Animals, & The Wall.

    And of course, with RW involved, a few political statements.
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    Default Re: OT -- Us & Them Roger Waters movie)

    I'd like to see it. Were in Santa Cruz/Monterey CA for a few vacation days and on the way over i watched the Elton John movie Rocketman. It really covered his career in brief though with highlights of things along the way. It wasnt too bad .. not your typical bio kind of movie...
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