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Thread: How does learning new drum parts work for you?

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    Default How does learning new drum parts work for you?

    For the most part I'm a self taught drummer. I did take lessons when I was 17 for two months. My teacher was Joe Smith who later became the drummer for country band Sawyer Brown. Anyway he taught me limb independence and odd time grooves and fills. After I felt comfortable with that I stopped the lessons and carried on on my own. I was never good at lessons , I just don't have the patience to sit and go over the same thing over and over.

    So back when I was a gigging drummer I was playing my kit 6 days a week so my chops were fresh and things came fairly easy. Now I'm older , I don't play my kit for weeks sometimes but when I do I'll have days where nothing seems to work and days where it just happens.

    Recently I've been working on trying to get my Double kick work back up to par. I've been doing easy slower tempo stuff but that didn't seem to be helping much so just for the heck of it I tried a song I've always failed at but really want to play. It's called Into The pit by Rob Halford's solo band Fight. I'd say it's medium tempo, well it's medium to where I want to be. Most of the stuff I want to learn is much faster. Yesterday I put it on and everything just fell into place , the double kick parts were almost effortless. I guess working on the slower stuff helped. Such a good feeling , I just hope I can do it again. Its like it works one day but not the next.

    Do you guys ever experience this. Something you've failed at consistently just falls in your lap and suddenly works? Then maybe a week later you struggle with it again?

    Here's the song , going to try and run through it at least twice a week.

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    Default Re: How does learning new drum parts work for you?

    Happens to me all the time. As funny as it sounds since I teach drums/piano, I never get the practicing time in for myself. So some days I'll sit down to just play and it's like I've never missed a day of practice, and some days I sit down and within a minute or two I get up and walk away pissed cause everything is so off.
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    Default Re: How does learning new drum parts work for you?

    Yup, very common. Getting back on the drums is like riding a bike. It will definitely come back to you but you might be wobbling a little at first. The more you play, the more consistent you will become.
    - Tom

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