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Thread: Do bands know when they have a hit?

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    Default Do bands know when they have a hit?

    I've wondered about it for a long time.

    I have had a feeling in a couple of original bands I've played in where it feels like the song could play itself .. and sounded good... making me want to move along with it. 1 song was from the 1st Muckraker disc .. the song Haymarket Square. Everything just sounded cool on that one imho.

    But I'm referring to mega bands like Journey for example.. their hits sound so effortless.. of course they had world class players Steve Smith etc but they must feel IT and know..

    Plus i feel radio has a lot to do with it.... or did at one time. I have no clue who's playing what on stations that play new rock if there are any but i think if you hear something enough it's going to get in your head.
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    Default Re: Do bands know when they have a hit?

    well in my original band we always had that ONE song we pushed harder than hard.
    The song we felt was the best of our best.
    We made it our top song playing live and pushed it on social media and on a single LP back then.
    It ended up getting radio play and etc.
    But it was OUR favorite song and we strived to make it big.
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    Default Re: Do bands know when they have a hit?

    You read sometimes about how surprised artists are by what their audiences latch onto. And vise verse. "I thought that one was a number one for sure..but..."

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    Default Re: Do bands know when they have a hit?

    We've all heard those original songs where you just know something is special about it. I do think there's a collective gut feeling about it much of the time. But without airplay, it's dead in the water.
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    Default Re: Do bands know when they have a hit?

    Keith said he knew when he heard the playback of Brown Sugar.

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