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    Friday our Rhythm Guitar player sends a message to the bass player saying he just left the dr's office and is on steroids for a real painful shoulder and may not be able to make our gig on sat. night

    Bass player tells me only on sat. and of course I say, "well why did he not message everyone in the band" the lead player especially needs to know that.

    well he finally sends text to everyone stating his shoulder issues and going to try to make it but no promises. O I am like OK well as long as the lead can do it we should be good. Lead says yes he can cover it so no problem.

    Sat. night the rhythm player shows up 20 minutes before the gig luggin in all his stuff and we are like take it easy bud how is your shoulder and he is like thanks it feels much better but then went on about how the dr. mentioned he should be in more pain blah blah blah, he went on and on.

    well we play the gig and it was really good one, I get up this am and see his picture in the local online paper where he played hockey with the Bruins alumni all day sat. arrggghhhh why do people have to be ****?

    Ya know be honest with it, I know when I mention it this week he is just going to say how I would have been upset had he told us he would rather play hockey than make a gig he committed to, and ya damn right I would have been but at least I would not be able to call you a friggin liar.

    I sent the pics to rest of the guys but as usual I dont think anyone cares but me.. I don't know maybe it's time for me to just be done with this band crap or drop my level of commitment which I dont believe I can do.

    what do you guys think am I just being a hard *** and should just roll with it? This is not the 1st issue with this guy but I don't want to bore ya with all that.
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