I cannot rave about this throne enough. I have had my roc n soc hydraulic throne for the last 10 years and love it but recently have had a lot of buttock, lower back, pain and leg fatigue at the end of a gig and especially the next day after a gig. I saw a great black friday deal on these Ahead spinal thrones and heard good things so I bought one.

I used it last gig for the 1st time, I actually brought my roc n soc just in case it was not comfortable. All I can say is wow it was like night and day. I felt great all night and no pain or fatigue at all the next day.

I really love the stability of the 4 leg stand and do not miss having hydraulic bounce at all although it would probably be nice to have. I am looking to add a back rest to it but ahead does not sell just the back rest seperately so I will probably try to add my roc n soc backrest or buy a gibraltar one.

The bicycle seat is wider than my roc n soc and I am not sure if thats what makes it more comfortable or the split down the middle but it is really noticeable after a 4 hr gig. I highly recommend this throne