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Thread: Just cant trust a SPAZ! Gretsch Stave snare

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    Default Just cant trust a SPAZ! Gretsch Stave snare

    Well, I'm a sucker for deals and who could pass up a Stave snare for only $200?! Let alone out of my entire snare collection I don't own anything by Gretsch. So now I do. I think it's a decent snare, photos look nicer but the wrap is kinda cheap IMO. Almost like laminate veneer you put on your cabinet shelves. I've almost decided to try to peel it off and do a nice stain to show off the stave slabs. But think i'll just leave it alone. I'm also super disappointed that it didn't come tuned at all! It's dead and flat.

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    Default Re: Just cant trust a SPAZ! Gretsch Stave snare

    It's a looker. Almost looks like gold hardware.
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