Hi everyone,
I am a little late to the party regarding Christmas gifts,LOL!
I just joined Drumchat and this is my first post.
Just a little background on me, I played in several bands back in the 80's
and ultimately sold all my drum gear and started a family, but I always had the itch!
Fast forward to this year, while opening gifts on Christmas morning at my daughter's home, she and her boyfriend asked me to come with them to the attic.
When I entered the attic I was floored! I came face to face with a black five piece drum kit all set up.
I was speechless to say the least!
The kids bought it on eBay from a kid whose mother couldn't wait to get rid of it.
I set up my new kit in the room above the garage.
I have since upgraded the cymbals and hat's to Zilgian bzt's and a new throne.
Now that I'm retired I am having a ball!