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Thread: Blondie Heart Of Glass - timing question for non drummer...

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    A quick backstory to this question; I'm not a drummer (I play around with beats using an MPC sampler). My dad is in a band as the bassist and I bought him a old drum machine for practice purposes. It's a Boss DR-5. If he's rehearsing a track we program it in. Our music theory is limited.

    We were just looking at Blondies Heart Of Glass and started to get a bit confused around about bar 55. Could be the bridge... It's 02:00 minutes on this video.

    He gets the music sheets (tabs, whatever you call them) from online and I wonder if it's written out incorrectly. Listening to the original track it's in 4/4 but around bar 55 it seems to go in to 7/4 for three bars, then back to 4/4. On the music sheet we downloaded, this isn't shown at all. It stays 4/4 all the way through and I think the rest of the bars are out of sync. Bars end up starting on a snare.

    So my question is, does it go to 7/4? And should that be clearly shown on the music sheet (ie is the sheet we have wrong?). I'm hoping that someone who knows what they're talking about can straighten this out for us...

    Thanks! (I hope that question was worded clearly)

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    Default Re: Blondie Heart Of Glass - timing question for non drummer...

    Welcome to Drum Chat.

    You are right on the timing. Not every tab or instruction given on the internet is accurate but most are a good basis for a beginning.

    Good on you for hearing the discrepancy.
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    Default Re: Blondie Heart Of Glass - timing question for non drummer...

    yup definitely a 7/4
    Where did you get the sheet music? I've downloaded lots of music that has definitely not matched up with the music...
    it's frustrating but happens.
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    Default Re: Blondie Heart Of Glass - timing question for non drummer...

    Hi Guys, and thanks for the replies and help.

    I did mention the place it was downloaded from but it got edited before being posted so I presume it broke forum rules. It wasn't a drum specific site, more guitar based. The main issue was that we could tell something was wrong but weren't sure if it was us or "them"... Now that I'm feeling more sure of myself I think the easiest thing to do is just go through with a black pen and draw in new lines to show the proper bar placement and time signature, then we can carry on programming. I'm guessing a lot of sheet music we download offline has been transcribed by software and therefore not quite accurate.

    We've got another piece of sheet music for Blondies Atomic which does actually show a change from 4/4 to 3/4 for one bar just after the bass solo. I'm going to go back and look at that again because I thought I got it right but it runs out by two counts if I play it along to the original.

    Again, thank you for the help.

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    Default Re: Blondie Heart Of Glass - timing question for non drummer...

    I'm editing this post because my previous one didn't get posted.

    Thanks for the help guys. I did mention where it got downloaded from but that got edited out so it must have broke forum rules. The main issue was knowing something was wrong but not knowing if it was us or...them. I'm more confident about it now.

    I've since paid for a download version of the sheet music (scanned page from a music book) and straight away it's looking far more detailed. Time signature shows as 7/4 in the right place and when I track through it while listening to the version of the Best Of Blondie album it lines up perfectly.

    We were having a similar issue with "Atomic" but I won't get in to that because it's also down to there being so many versions of their songs.

    Again, thanks for the help!

    (Apologies if anything gets duplicated after this, my last post didn't show up at time of writing this.)
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