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Thread: Anderson Paak 'Come Down' bass drum pattern

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    Default Anderson Paak 'Come Down' bass drum pattern

    Hi. Does anyone here know the bass drum pattern to Anderson Paak's 'Come Down'. Here's a drum cover with footwork shown:
    I get some bits but not sure about others. Beginner's ears.

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    Pretty sure this guy made it his own and I think thats the way you should play a song like this. Whatever your feeling play. I looked and there are quite a few different drum covers of this song and all have different BD and snare patterns, even ostinato's differ quite a bit. The actual recording is much easier than the way this guy plays it. Slow it way down and write it out. Thats great practice.
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    Thanks. Yes i find the cover bass drum pattern hard to work out.. I'll keep slowing down the recording on the NPR Tiny Desk Concert that I saw Anderson Paak on and see if I can hear what he's doing on the bass end of things. I first thought it might be: bass drum on 1 then on: 2+ then on: 3. But I could be way off.

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