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    Hi All,

    New guy here. I am looking to buy a drum kit. I have played drums in the past but nothing serious. I am the type who does a ton of research when I am getting into something, and so far, as far as drums go, I am looking for a 4 or 5 piece kit, lacquer finish, not a laminate, preferably maple, and I would like toms that are not shallow, but rather deep. So far, I am down to Mapex, Yamaha, or Tama. Again, I am new to this and this is where I am up to this point of my research. My budget is not that high. I am looking for used drums and I would like to stay under $1000 for the entire kit including cymbals and sturdy robust hardware. Ultimately my question is this: is there a particular year, model, a "sweet spot" that I should be looking for that fits my search criteria? I have seen a Mapex kit from the past,that was all maple with a lacquer finish but I haven't found any used. I just missed one though on Craigslist. I was too late and it got purchased within a couple days after it was posted. I think it was a Mapex M series Maple. Thank you for any input you have.


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    Welcome to Drum Chat.

    A lot of older kits have deeper toms. Power toms I believe they were called.

    I just sold a large Yamaha Beech kit with deep toms. They are out there but you have to turn over all the rocks.

    As for brand, you can't go wrong with any you've listed.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Welcome Jimmy!
    I'm not the drum expert in here but a lot of other members are so I'll let them help guide you. I just wanted to welcome you to our drum family.
    - Tom

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    Hey Jimmy, welcome to the forum. I got both my kits used, complete with cymbals and hardware for under what you are looking to spend. Craigslist is a great place to look. Older Pearl Masters series, Older Yamaha Tour Customs, Older PDP Concept Maple, all should be able to be found for what you are looking to spend. Do some research on the higher end kits of the 90's and then check your local craigslist to see what is out there in your area. Good luck and let us know what you find!
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