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Thread: In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Default In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Happy MLK day everyone. Regardless of your race or your belief system or your upbringing, there is still so much to learn from this man. Here is one of my favorites. As you go about your day in this highly politically-divided nation, remember to lead with love. - Peace

    - Tom

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    Default Re: In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

    I would have put my MLK picture from “ Who is that guy?” here but my computer is outdated. I have to figure out how to transfer that data to my iphone.

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    Default Re: In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

    He was a good man. His message was extremely basic and simple, and it applies to all aspects of life and to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or politics.
    Yet....somehow....the message seems to be beyond comprehension for so many.

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