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Thread: Anderson Paak 'Come Down' bass drum pattern

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    Default Anderson Paak 'Come Down' bass drum pattern

    Hi folks. Anyone here know the bass drum pattern from Anderson Paak's 'Come Down'. I've been watching this drum cover: It shows the foot work. I'm slowing down the speed on the vid. I'm also listening to get it but still finding it hard to pick up. My excuse? I'm a beginner Anyway I'll keep at it. Thx in advance

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    if you lived close I'd teach you the whole thing lol

    Anyways, there's nothing complicated or tough about it.

    How often do you work on a double stroke bass drum hit?
    I'm struggling to type out what I want to say as if i was with one of my students lol but think of those doubles as singles. They are nothing special
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    Default Re: Anderson Paak 'Come Down' bass drum pattern

    Hi... I live very far away. Australia to be exact so I think a personal class might be a bit out of your way I first thought it might be: bass drum on 1 then on: 2+ then on: 3. But I could be way off. Maybe it's more syncopated and also more complex than that.

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