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    Over the past few years I've been making an attempt to spend more time playing my kit. Last month i decided to try something , my kit is in my basement , I have a mic in the kick and on the batter head of the kick , and also two overhead mic's. I did this so I can play with headphones and hear the entire kit and also add some EQ'ing to it. Last month for the heck of it i decided to turn on my P.A. and see how the kick drum would sound. I have a 15" powered sub and two satellites with 10" woofers and horn tweeters , 750 watts.

    So instead of using the headphones I turned on the speakers and dialed in the kick drum ,Wow! it's been years since I played a mic'ed kit and I'd forgot how amazing it feels to have that power behind you when playing. So I put a mic on my snare and fine tuned the overheads so my whole kit comes through the P. A. Now having a mic'ed kit in a small basement is a bit loud but it's not super loud, it's more of a way to add punch and warmth to the kit. It's amazing how this simple thing has inspired me to play more often. I bought this P.A. back in 2008 when I had my E-kit and I've just been using it with my headphones since then. Never thought of running my kit through it before.
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    I love hearing my kit through a good PA..............it is inspiring..............good move.
    Sadly, over the last 6 years, the best two clubs around here with the best two PA systems have closed their doors.
    One of them had 12,000 watts of Crown in a single 6-foot rack............impressive.
    We have our own PA we use at certain gigs................we have two JBL powered 18s...............good kick drum reinforcement.
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