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    Hi there. Im in canada. Td-17kvs is $2200 plus tax and no throne or kick pedal. Im interested in a td-15. Upgraded module with more kits. 2 crashes instead of 1. 4 toms. Custom stand. Double kick. Throne. $1500. Was wondering if thats decent price.??

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    Welcome to Drum Chat. Good question. Don't know about Roland but I have a new mesh head Simmons E-kit with 2-crashes, 1 ride, 1-hat w/full function hat pedal, 4 shell style toms (2 up/2 down), bass drum stand up pad that'll support dual pedals, 14" snare with snare stand and nice light weight 3 bar hex rack. All for under $1500.00 USD and with 64 plus kits and extra effects. They sound real.
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