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    I thought i would throw this one out there because i think its an interesting topic: drummer maturity. What i mean by that is for example, when i played drums in my teens i played a lot of the metal stuff and loved clive burr of iron maiden. I sounded horrible and had absolutely no sense of groove ( bonham). I stopped playing drums for about 25 years and then my interest in drums was somehow reinvigorated when i started listening to classic rock again. I soon found myself with an annoying but old habit, tapping! I heard “good times bad times” by zeppelin again and just started tapping that first fill he does in that song and then listened closely to the first drum fill in two tickets “two paradise” by eddie money as well as the first drum fill in “ swing town” by steve miller. Those fills have one thing in common, “ feel and groove “. I never had that nor have i ever tried to learn it. My first drum teacher never taught me that either. I honestly think a drummer needs to know exactly what feel and groove actually mean before they ever pick up a stick. A good drum teacher can easily explain that along with some examples such as the aforementioned songs.
    I enjoy the drums so much more with that knowledge and it has enabled me to play some catchy licks although simple.
    To me this was drummer maturity and of course refraining from over playing and playing for the song.
    Id love to hear some of your thoughts.
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