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    This has been discussed before as to whether Bonham used a drum stool or a guitar case for that opening drum part on ramble on. My question is this? When he goes from hitting the drum stool or guitar case, does he somehow go straight into the regular drum set or is that just a special intro that was added in the studio? In other words, how would he transition from guitar case to drums if he played that song live exactly as in the studio ? It seems as though it would be an awkward, cumbersome type transition.
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    I heard guitar case too but unless he was doing it with sticks i don't see how it could've been done live.
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    Snare drum, snars off, with stick or hand, flip on the snares, have at it. Rinse repeat throughout the song. Saw him three times, that is what he did. He did have quick hands if you will remember.

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