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Thread: Anyone have a go to lick ?

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    Default Anyone have a go to lick ?

    Just wondering. Whenever you guys test out a new kit, a friends kit, or just hop on anyone elses, do you guys have a few basic “ go to “ licks you always seem to do?
    The reason i ask, using someone elses drum kit is always a bit awkward and i notice some guys do simple but cool sounding licks when they are on another kit. Example, i was at a birthday party and there was a band playing. During a break one of the guests was talking with the drummer and gets on the kit and plays a few easy/ basic licks that sounded kind of cool. After talking with the guy, he said its very hard for him to really play on someone elses kit unless he is just playing a song or something basic. I have seen him play before and he seems very good. He seems to play very easy beats that impress regular people when not on his own set. If i could play fool in the rain very cleany that would be my go to lick. Because every bass drum is tuned a little tighter or looser, its somewhat difficlut to get in those kicks on the bass drum. Not to mention using someone elses bass drum pedal which could be very difficult.
    Any thoughts?
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    I usually tap lightly on the drums and cymbals to hear what they have and try to incorporate something made up on the spot from those sounds and placement.
    Does that work out good? Mehh, sometimes. Lol
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    Intro to Brick house....usually turns heads : )
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    I always tell myself im going to play along to this song or that song in sound check when or if they say to play the whole thing ... but always forget and end up just doing some beat that i like.
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    I think most players have their 'go to' licks. Mine have changed through the years but yeah, there's usually a set of licks that I tend to go to first without even realizing it. I think it's sort of like words or phrases that you tend to use more often than not. Probably just human nature.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Anyone have a go to lick ?

    Thats interesting. I think its great to always have 2 or 3 “ go to beats” that sound cool but can easily be played on any drum kit.
    Many times when we play someone elses kit it can be very awkward and cumbersome depending on how the kit is set up, the tension of the kick drum ect... it can make a drummer sound not so good and thats why playing a simple but cool sounding lick is the best thing.
    Example, a very good drummer who was teaching me the “ fool in the rain” groove did it almost perfectly on his kit. When he tried it at Guitar Center on some of their drum kits, he sounded horrible, he just couldnt do it on another kit. “Walk this way” is another that can be awkward on a kit you dont play on.

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