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Thread: Kick drum cut down 18" to 14"

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    Default Kick drum cut down 18" to 14"

    I had a friend of mine who's a custom drum builder(Todd Sucherman owns 3 of his snares) cut down my Gretsch Catalina Ash kick drum from 18" to 14" depth, both for improved sound and reduced footprint. My buddy went all out, not only cutting it down, but recutting both bearing edges, sanding and refinishing the inside, replacing the tension rods, tightening the wrap and lubricating the spurs. This thing really thumps now, I can't wait to gig with it!



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    Default Re: Kick drum cut down 18" to 14"

    wow really! That is killer!
    I'll have to save this as I've seriously contemplated cutting some toms down.

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    I’ve been wanting to do the same to my 22” Ludwig Centennial. The first versions were 20” deep. They looked like giant beer cans. Ludwig revised the depth down to 18” (which is what mine is), but I really want to cut down to 14” deep. It’s amazing how much room it saves on stage and the difference in sound and feel.

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