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Thread: Double Stroke Roll technique question

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    Smile Double Stroke Roll technique question

    Hi again. Beginner here. Looking online for Double Stroke Roll instruction. Notice two approaches.
    Tiger Bill says:
    "Here's how to play doubles the clean way: Throw your right stick down toward the pad as in the single stroke roll except when the stick comes back up, use only your fingers to play the second tap. Do this alternating both hands and you have the clean, military style open roll.

    The only difference between the clean and the dirty (jazz) version, is that you don't use your fingers to produce the clean second tap. Instead, you just let the stick sort of bounce on its own. This gives the open roll a loose, jazz sound as opposed to an exact military sound."

    This guy here says just let stick bounce on its own after first strike:

    What do you think is the best way for a beginner to practice DSRs. Do both styles or pick one?

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    I would pick one as not to confuse the beginner. I'm a fan of controlled doubles myself. The second bounce technique will happen naturally when the speed picks up. There are numerous approaches to learning rudiments and hand technique.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Double Stroke Roll technique question

    I think it’s easier to play the clean version. Ultimately, you’ll end up doing variations of both in your playing.

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    Default Re: Double Stroke Roll technique question

    I always use the first way and let me fingers snap the stick back for the rebound second hit.
    That way, the first hit and the second hit are more consistent in tone and volume.

    Thomas Lang has a killer video talking about it exactly how I go about it.

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    Default Re: Double Stroke Roll technique question

    Eventually the use of the bounce control takes over wih speed. You need the control for slower triplets and rolls.
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    Default Re: Double Stroke Roll technique question

    Actualy,id use my finger against it

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