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Thread: Coronavirus and Musicians

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    I'm ready for this to be done because my wife is seriously loosing her mind and I'll be honest... going home and dealing with her is becoming a struggle... she's working from home while trying to watch our two little girls and it's really getting to her which I fully understand. It's taking a mental beating on her.
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    We couldn’t take it anymore. We held a band practice last Sunday...we’ll, more of a jam session, and it was such a HUGE stress relief.
    In “social distancing” spirit, we held it outside on my brother’s front porch. It was all unplugged acoustic and I played my Cajon. Just a bunch of guys kicking back (6’ apart of course), drinking beer, picking guitars and blowing off steam. That said, we worked up 5-10 new songs as well.

    I can’t wait to do it again next weekend!

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