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Thread: Great Deal on a Kick Pedal

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    I decided I needed another kick pedal for a project I'm hoping to start once the Coronavirus restrictions end. I had 4 pedals, one on my kit at the practice site (Camco), one that stays packed for gigs (DW5000 single) one on my acoustic kit set up at home (DW5000 double) and one on my ekit set up at home(Tama Speed Cobra 310). I wanted to have another pedal to use for the new project because I'll be using a different rig, which will be a hybrid acoustic/sample pad/external trigger kit. I wanted a good quality pedal, but used so I wouldn't have to spend a lot. I found an auction on eBay and amazingly won the auction, bidding just one dollar over the current bid. A Speed Cobra 910, in excellent condition, at at insane price.

    Acoustic Kits:
    Ludwig Maple 3ply White Cortex 4 pc
    Rukus Mod Orange Club 4 pc
    DW Design 6 pc
    Tama Silverstar Limited Edition Mirage 5 pc
    Tama Superstar 5 pc
    Tama Rockstar 4 pc
    Gretsch Catalina Ash 4 pc

    Slingerland 7 pc

    Electronic Kits:
    Yamaha DTX532k
    Roland TD-27, Roland PD-85 (x4), PD-125, KD9, CY-8 (x2) VH-10, Lemon 15 and 18 cymbals
    Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad

    Tama SLP Black Brass
    Tama SLP G Maple
    Rukus Santos/Bubinga/Poplar/Wenge
    Rukus Avodire/Maple/Mahogany
    1972 Ludwig Supraphonic

    Tama, DW, Yamaha and Sonor

    Zildjian A Series, A Custom and K Custom

    Miktek, Audix and Shure

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    Default Re: Great Deal on a Kick Pedal

    Great pedal. Love the full plate design, too.

    You'll get a lot of "play" with the long board. Put your foot anywhere.

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    Speed Cobras in action. The skill of this is amazing! However music like this is annoying to me. Sounds like shooting the drum kit with a machine gun. IMO
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    Default Re: Great Deal on a Kick Pedal

    man thats fast footwork

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpazApproved View Post
    man thats fast footwork
    Wait, that's not you?
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