Anyone have any experience with the Piero Peluche TD-11 expansion kits? I have the VEX kits and some from Drum-Tec, but have never read any comparison with the Piero Peluche ones. Note: there probably won't be anymore TD-11 expansion kits coming as this kit has been superseded by others from Roland. But, one of the attractions of the TD-11 is that there are a whole bunch of expansions out there, while you might be waiting for TD-27 expansions for a while. And, I am not ready to pay a whole lot for a TD-27 brain and then all my TD-11 expansion purchases are worthless, and I'll have to start investing in more expansions for the TD-27. So, I'm for now a TD-11 devotee, even though all of my pads are upgrades from the TD-11 ones, so what I really have is nice pads and an older brain which has one thing going for it....lots of expansion kits. And I'll buy Piero's if they are worthwhile (I mean, they are cheap and all). Thanks!