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Thread: The "beater" kit becomes the main gig rig!

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    Default The "beater" kit becomes the main gig rig!

    So here's the evolution of this drum kit. Bought a used Gretsch Catalina 4 piece as a beater kit a few years ago. It was in rough shape, with deep scratches in the finish and bass hoops painted an ugly gold. First I rewrapped them myself in Black and Silver sparkle from Jammin Sam. Then Pete from Rukus Drums cut down the kick to 14", cut the edges,sealed the interior and detailed the hardware. Finally Pete cut the edges on the toms, as well as reglued the seams, sealed the interior and installed the tom mount to the shell. The kit looks phenomenal now and sounds better than ever! It has become my main gigging kit due to its compact size and punchy sound. I can't say enough about Peter Lazos and his company, Rukus Drums USA. He has done a lot of work for me over the last few months, including building me an unbelievable snare. 1Original1.jpg4Rewrap1.jpg6KickBefore1.jpg11Kickafter3.jpg14RackAfter1.jpg

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    Default Re: The "beater" kit becomes the main gig rig!

    Very, Very cool.

    Great choice of finish, too!
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    I have just done one also Great fun to do & I don't care for it in the slightest

    DEC2DC0D-9EB6-45AF-9F10-FBC1BFEF5A74 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    Looks awesome man!
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