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Thread: Paiste Big Beats addition?

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    Hey all, newbie drummer here. I currently have an 18, 20 and 22 Big Beat with 15" hats. I'm looking for a new ride that'll give me a different sound, but will play nicely with my other cymbals. I'd like to stay with Paiste, but everything from Istanbul Agop sounds amazing. I realize it's not a lot of info to go on, but i'd love to hear any suggestions from Paiste people, especially if you've had some experience with Big Beats. I play everything from classic rock, Americana to stoner rock. I do love the defined stick sound of a dry, jazzy ride though. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    where are you located? Any good drum shops anywhere remotely close to you?
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    I've never been a fan of Paiste cymbals. They just sound too tinty to me. Sorry I can't help but welcome to DrumChat and maybe some of the others can weigh in.
    - Tom

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    I'm in Ottawa, so we have Dave's, which is fantastic. When things get back to normal i'll be able to walk in and try some things out, but i like to have an idea of some things to look for.

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    Look for a Paiste 2002 flat ride. This is a great dry sounding jazz ride. It will fit well with the Big Beats.
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