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    Dave Clark (British drummer) was the leader of the band "The Dave Clark Five". He was a good rock drummer. The Dave Clark Five were considered a serious threat to the Beatles with their hit "Glad All Over". It overtook the Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Han" in England. They were a "shirtails" band (all the bands the came to America because of the Beatles breaking down the barrier) and part of the "British Invasion".

    They had another big hit called "Bits and Pieces" (in America - in England they had 12 top 40 hits), but after that they disbanded in 1970 never coming close to the Beatles eternal fame. But, what they did while they were around they did a good job of.

    In "Bits and Pieces" you hear them stomping their feet in the introduction and later in the middle of the song. An interesting bit of trivia is that the reason they stomped their feet is because they had been drinking whisky before the recording and that was the only way they could all stay together with the time.

    This is "Glad All Over".

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    This is "Bits and Pieces", another hit song. They recorded the song with the footsomping because they were a little drunk at the studio when they recorded it, and that was the only way they could keep in time. Interestingly, all the bands that copied them stomped their feet too, and everytime the Dave Clark Five performed, they had to stomp their feet.
    "Bits and Pieces"

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