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Thread: Tama Silverstar all birch bass drum

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    Lightbulb Tama Silverstar all birch bass drum

    Hi all,

    I play on a Tama Silverstar Metro Jam (16" bass drum) the small footprint really helped at the time but now i kinda wish i had a bit more oomph. Unfortunately tama has decided to discontinue the Silverstar line and therefore im finding it very difficult to buy a larger bassdrum.

    Is there any bass drums on the market that would fit with an all Birch tama silverstar kit? Is it crazy of me to think I can just pop another bass drum on my existing kit if it is a different product line (or even a different brand, which i am open to).

    Is there any other ways i can squeeze some more power out my tiny bass drum? A bass drum Port? obviously because it is so small there will only be so much i can do. (Not really into the idea of triggering

    Any input here is welcome.

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    Ported seriously can't hurt. But if you look around, there are TAMA superstar classics available in birch. Not sure if you'll get a matching finish however. Be careful as the more current models (one like I had) were maple. I also saw on ebay and reverb, bass drums being sold separately. You might just find your brand somewhere out there. They are there.
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    I would not worry about matching brands. The silverstar is midgrade at best and any Yamaha SC, Pearl Vision, Mapex Mars, etc etc will work. I have always wanted a drum set with a Maple Bass drum and Birch toms.. Maybe you can find a nice Tama Maple to go with it if you want to match brands or just get any mid grade maple kick.
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    I'm currently looking for a 20" bd to replace my 24" for certain gigs and aren't too worried about mixing brands. My rack toms are stand mounted so a different bd mount isn't an issue. As for differing wood types,I doubt that with similar heads and tuning most out the front wouldn't notice a difference.

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