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    I bought a Ridgid cordless drill about a year ago (one of the best things i ever bought) and finally got some socket adapters for it from HD.

    Wow! Changing heads is fun again. I've been using a speed key for the longest time.. can't even remember when or where i got it but won't be using it anymore at least not for head changes.

    Cleaned up a rack tom the other day and had both heads off at about the 1 min mark. It took a 6.5 or 5.5 mm socket.

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    I was doing that 10 years ago. I took an old cheap drum key and sanded off the "T" and made it drill bit ready by sanding sides to the key post to allow a drill chuck to lock on to it.

    I posted a video of an entire 5 pc head swap and was chastised by some nay sayers on here saying, "I'd never use a drill to change heads." Their loss.

    I still do it to this day with no issues.

    Good call, Slinky!
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    I bought a Gibraltar drill key YEARS ago and it's the greatest tool in my drum shop
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