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    Lightbulb Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Hello guys,
    I have something new to introduce this time! They are all from Aeroband, a real band!
    Are you interested in playing musical instruments, like the latest and magical musical instrument, AeroBand?

    Connecting over Bluetooth, this portable drum kit lets you play anytime, anywhere. And the great part is that you get to hear the music you make—but no one else does. I suppose that everyone once imitated drum-playing. However, installing a physical drum kit requires large space, the noise is loud, and the threshold of learning is high when playing, so it is quite difficult to start at home. “AeroBand” introduced this time solves such traditional problems for both beginners and veterans.

    First is the Pocketdrum. The Bluetooth-enabled sticks can connect wirelessly to your AeroBand App, which gives you access to a CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM, ( Cowbell and more Cymbals to come!).

    Next is the contents of the Pocketguitar. Pocket guitar body, One charging cable (Micro USB), 1 carrying pouch, Silicon cover with clip, User's Manual. The body is shaped like a thick guitar pick and is very light. It weighs 8g, a level that almost does not feel heavy. You can hold it just like holding the real thing. The charging port is at the top, and the terminal is also MicroUSB for charging. Besides, the attached silicon case is also perfect. Since it has a clip on the back, it can be fixed by sandwiching it with shoelaces etc., when using it as a drum foot pedal.
    In addition to playing the guitar, the pocket guitar can also be attached to the foot to act as a pedal when playing the drums.

    Hold your smartphone, a nice drum set is displayed on the screen, which is the same as the actual instruments in reality and five instruments can be hit. From left to right, they are the crash cymbal, hi-hat, bass drum, snare drum, and toms respectively. Drums are not the only instruments played with sticks. The bass drum and hi-hat cymbal are operated with the foot pedal. How to operate this, you can attach the separately sold Pocket Guitar to your foot and reproduce the operation of the foot pedal. This Pocketguitar is a device that reproduces the performance of a guitar, so you can also play it with an air guitar. Wear it on your foot when connecting Pocketguitar with AeroBand. The right is recognized as a bass drum, and the left is recognized as a hi-hat cymbal.

    With the application “AeroBand”, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re able to play the drum anywhere by just connecting Pocketdrum to Bluetooth. Of course, you can play the air drum immediately without any assembly work. It’s convenient to select and play from three modes of “Tutorial/Free/Game” by AeroBand which recognizes the position of hitting drum and the strength of hitting in a three-dimensional space using a dedicated AI chip and a unique space design algorithm. When you shake, the drum sticks will start to vibrate. In this way, it’s simple to enjoy just with the sticks, but you can also use it as a bass drum if the “Pocketguitar” is applied on your foot.
    Download the app from here:
    App store or Google play

    Such a great product, just give it a shoot!

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    Thumbs up Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Here’s the latest review of Pocketdrm from Gadgeteer. Come and see how they comment on Pocketdrum, Have you tried it before?

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Welcome to DrumChat and thanks for sharing your new PocketDrum product with us.

    I prefer mostly real drums myself but many drummers do like electronic gear like this. In addition to other applications, I can see it as being a great teaching tool for younger students. Was it designed for that also?

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Yes, it's a perfect teaching tool for teachers, since for both students and teachers , it's easy to start. Here's the link to official web:

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    Lightbulb Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Has anyone heard of Garageband? I have never tried it before, but one of my friends asked me whether Garageband are able to record the beat played out from drumsticks.
    I did some search, and only know Aeroband works in that way.
    Here's a video about the drumsticks from Aeroband.

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lydia Luo View Post
    Yes, it's a perfect teaching tool for teachers, since for both students and teachers , it's easy to start. Here's the link to official web:
    I'll check it out, thank you!
    - Tom

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    Lightbulb Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Pocketdrum reviewing from, come and see how they comment on Pocketdrum!

    The innovative drums from AeroBand - the PocketDrum

    I beg your pardon? A drum kit that only consists of sticks? It may sound a bit strange, but Aeroband did just that. With the PocketDrum it is possible to play drums anywhere using a Bluetooth connection. We took a closer look at how the whole thing was implemented and whether it was really worth it.

    Briefly to me, Jonathan the tester:
    I played acoustic drums myself for some time, but for reasons of space and volume I had to sell it with a heavy heart. Since then, however, I have continued to play Cajón regularly. I have often missed the fact that the variety of drums is broken down. With the PocketDrum from Aeroband, I had a lot of hope after the trailer, even if I had doubts right from the start:
    1. How is the feedback of the blow to something real to be replaced? By vibration?
    2. How precise are the blows?
    3. What is the delay between beat and tone?

    Design and workmanship
    Let's take a look at the drumsticks for yourself. At first glance, they differ from conventional sticks because they are significantly shorter and a little thicker. Especially since there is a cover for the MicroUSB charging socket on one end of the stick. The Aeroband logo was printed over it. It is located exactly on the grip surface, which is also specially shaped so that the sticks lie comfortably in the hand.

    The grip area ends with a small inconspicuous button, which is required for switching on / off and for calibration.

    The upper part of the PocketDrums is crossed by three LED strips and ends with an LED ring at the top.

    The matt black ensures a very elegant look, which is also supported by the fine design elements that separate the grip area from the upper area. The LED strips also give the whole thing a very special and unusual look.

    The software is available free of charge both in the Apple App Store and in the Google PlayStore. It is designed quite intuitively, so that you can navigate through the app quite well without previous knowledge.

    First, the sticks can be connected after switching on. The software recognizes sticks in the area and they are coupled by simply clicking on the corresponding symbols. Then they are automatically connected.

    The instrument can then be selected in the next menu. The position of the sticks on the virtual drums is then shown in the drum menu, so that even beginners can quickly see what is being played and how to hold the sticks.

    The battery level of the two sticks is also displayed. There are also practice and game modes in which you can test and prove your skills, but it can take a long time to load.

    A recording function is also available.

    In general, pop-ups occur in between, but have not been translated into English.
    Practical test
    Now we come to the practical test of the PocketDrums by going through the test phase step by step.

    The first switch on
    The expectations of the PocketDrum were particularly high here. Playing the drums without much space, at the volume I set? That would be awesome. However, the first impression was very sobering. My usual attitude of playing the drums is absolutely not used here. No beat remained constant on high hat, cymbal, snare or bass drum. It was also noticed here first that the bass drum had to be used as a beat. In other words, to get a real drum experience, the foot sensors must be bought directly. In addition, the delay between the impact, the vibration for haptic detection and the resulting sound was simply too great. After 10 minutes back and forth trying which hand position does what now, the frustration was pretty big.

    The pure Fox
    Now it was time to invest. Based on the visual representation of the app and the hand position, you can get a good sense of which movement is interpreted by the system and how. In addition, the latency can be significantly improved by using wired headphones, so that playing started to be fun. After about an hour, 90 percent of the beats were perceived by the system as desired, so that a good rhythm could be developed. The biggest problems, however, were that the bass drum had to be integrated as a beat, the variety was very limited, and that the system could no longer keep up if the movements were too fast.

    Conclusion of the practice
    As soon as you understand the appropriate hand position, the virtual drums can be played well. If you also use wired headphones, it almost looks like real drums. It should be noted that the beats can also be felt by vibration, but in no way can it simulate a "real" beating on a drum. Especially as a beginner, you have to be very careful with the striking techniques. The positioning of the virtual instruments is also not optimal and is only slightly similar to real drums.

    Conclusion on the Aeroband PocketDrum test
    Let's summarize all the points. The PocketDrum is impressive in terms of design and workmanship. Elegant, simple design and good shape so that the sticks fit comfortably in your hand. The software is quite intuitive and also provides visual feedback on the movements of the sticks. Unfortunately there are missing English translations in some places and the loading times are often quite long.

    Playing with the PocketDrum is very easy and easy to understand, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional. You have to think a little bit about the movement until the strokes are registered where you wanted them. Especially if you are a beginner, you should be aware that the PocketDrum is not a real drum kit. You get a feeling for it, but the movements are not right and you cannot learn punch techniques here.

    So who is the PocketDrum for? Anyone who travels a lot and would like to spend time on the train playing drums can take a look. If you lack space or have problems with volume, you can take a look at the PocketDrum . However, you should invest directly in the foot sensors to get a better drum feel.

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Do you need foot sensors while drumming? Or you just need two drumsticks?

    The drum kit is a very important percussion instrument in a jazz band. It usually consists of a bass drum (also known as "kick drum"), a snare drum, and two or more tom drums. (Tom-Tom Drum), one or two Crash Cymbal, a Ride Cymbal, and a Hi-Hat with pedal (Hi-Hat). Of course, sometimes due to the need for performance, some such as cow bells, wooden fish, sand hammers, triangles, and sound trees are added. No matter how many devices are added, they are played by one person. The drummer hits each part with drumsticks to make it sound. Drumsticks commonly used in jazz music include wooden drum sticks, drum brushes made of steel wire, and beam sticks made of a bundle of thin wooden strips.

    Pocketdrum is similar to ordinary drums, including two drumsticks. Although I’m not a professional drummer, without bass drum and crash cymbal, it’s hard to immerse myself into music.
    Look, Pocketguitar displayed here to update my drumsticks.

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    That's pretty cool. Thanks for posting.
    Signature here

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    Default Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    No worries, would love to share latest interesting things.

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    Lightbulb Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Drumming anywhere and anytime!

    The idea of playing drums while you’re walking down the street is something
    most of us don’t have. But that’s exactly what you could do if you picked up
    these Bluetooth drumsticks.
    Costing $169, these drumsticks wirelessly connect to the PocketDrum app or, if
    you prefer, Apple’s GarageBand. Use some headphones and nobody will hear a
    thing – something traditional drums absolutely can’t manage.

    At 100g per stick and ultimately portable, these drumsticks can go anywhere
    with you. You’ll probably look a bit strange drumming away on a bus or at your
    desk, but who cares? You’ll be the one laughing when you’ve made your millions!
    You can check the Pocketdrum portable drumset out now.

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    Lightbulb Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Greetings from Aeroband.
    Come and see the latest unboxing and review on our Pocketdrum and Pocketguitar.

    Any comments?
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    Cool Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Why you should buy this little monster------how the comments on our Pocketguitar.
    Why not try it?------>
    Welcome to click the Comment area, and leave your messages.
    Pocketguitar From Aeroband – Why You Should Buy this little Monster?
    PocketGuitar from Aeroband
    PocketGuitar is a new type of instrument that is based on guitar music and can imitate the soundof various instruments. Its appearance is similar to ordinary guitar picks, which can accuratelyidentify the amplitude and frequency of hand shake. Then the only thing is to connect to the corresponding device through Bluetooth, and play the melody played by the simulated guitar,bass, ukulele and other instruments.
    Here's the original article:
    Click here

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    Lightbulb Re: Pocketdrum | Aeroband | a real band!

    Dating with AeroBand

    “A cup of coffee?”
    “Rain check!”
    “Oh, dear, you’ve stood me up twice, which really upsets me. That’s unfair! Where are you going?”
    “Dating with AeroBand. Honestly, PocketDrum and PocketGuitar are more attractive than staying with you”
    “Fair enough, where can I buy the same instruments as yours?”
    “Deals done. Click here: AeroBand. Love you so much”

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