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Thread: Why DrumChat?

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    Exclamation Why DrumChat?

    With 36,000 threads and over 700,000 posts, DrumChat has become a wealth of information here at your fingertips. We're also one of the largest and most respectful drum forums on the net. But, participation has been down for all forums over the last number of years, largely due to Facebook groups. While Facebook certainly has it's advantages, we'd like to remind everyone of the value of forums like ours:

    DrumChat VS. Facebook
    1. You have anonymity at DrumChat if you want.
    2. You can search our 36,000 threads for any drum term or subject.
    3. It’s moderated so we keep out the spam (and the bullies).
    4. You can resuscitate an old thread if you’d like.
    5. DrumChat is run by a small business, not a behemoth. So, if you like to support small businesses, engaging with our fellow passionate drummers here at DrumChat is a way to do that.

    For those of you engaging with us already, thank you! We love our drum family!
    - Tom

    Everyone loves FREE... like this free drum forum. But like your car and even your drums, they require upkeep and maintenance and that requires money.

    Will you consider Shopping at Drum Bum to help support this forum?

    Or make a donation here.

    I know from working with Drum Bum through the years, that this forum is costly to run. It requires server fees, hosting, ongoing moderation, advertising, software upgrades, security certificates and IT work when it breaks. All in addition to the expenses that come from running a business. These costs are offset (hopefully) by members that click through to Drum Bum to make a purchase now and then, if not make a contribution to help keep it running.

    On behalf of Drum Bum, thank you for your consideration.

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    Default Re: Why DrumChat?

    DrumChat, as well as all but one of the many forums (fora?) I have ever been on, and with my audiophelia, bass playing, and so on, forbids posting about politics or religion. This allows us to communicate about drumming and drum related subjects with people whose political or religious views could be totally opposed to mine without that being a barrier to communication. We can all be friends here. I don't think you'll see any of us going at each others throats over whether it's better to use a traditional grip as opposed to matched grip. this avoids the nonsense that goes on on Facebook.

    I am grateful for all of this.

    As to my "audiopheila"; it was so bad that I took information that I got from about 10 different A/V forums to build my own subwoofer. It was an addiction.

    May this be the best day you ever had and the worst you ever will. Trinity House Mudslinger.

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