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    Dennis Elliott is a British drummer and noted for drumming for Foreigner (made up of part American and Englishmen). He was Foreigner's first drummer and played with them from 1976 to somewhere between 1991 and 1993. It's a little murky.

    Dennis also played and recorded with The Shevells, The Ferris Wheel, If, The Roy Young Band, Tony Ashton and Jon Lord, Ian Hunter, and Mick Jones. He made eight albums with foreigner and is on several other compilations.

    This is Dennis playing "Double Vision" on the "official" Foreigner video (the song from the album "Double Vision" hit no. 2 on Billboard).

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    This is "Juke Box Hero" which reached no. 3 on Billoard. It's about a boy who couldn't get a ticket to a sold out concert and listening outside hears a guitar that changes his life. He gets a guitar and learns how to play and becomes a juke box hero and one day finds another fan standing outside one of his concerts which reminds him of how it all started.

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