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    Bobby Blotzer (Robert John Blotzer - 1958-) an American drummer is best known for playing with "Ratt" (a "glam" heavy metal band).

    He started out playing with Dokken in 1978, but soon left Dokken and formed "FireFoxx". He became Ratt's drummer from 1982 to the 1990s. He made seven albums with Ratt. He also played and toured with Airborne, Angel City Outlaws, Contraband, the VicVergal Band, Montrose, and Queensryche.

    In 2006 he recorded the album "Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner" by Saints of the Undreground with Jani lane (vocals - Warrent), Keri Kelli (guitar, vocals - Alice Cooper) and Chuck Wright (Bass - Ratt).

    This is Bobby playing "You Think You're Tough" in the video from their first album (EP) titled "Ratt" released August 23, 1983.

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    This is Bobby playing "Sweet Cheater" with Ratt off the "Ratt - ep (their first album)".

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    I really like Bobby’s playing on the very first Ratt album ( out of the cellar).
    I have a few questions.
    1) did Bobby use a double bass when recording that album?
    2) how did he get his rack toms to sound the way they did? were they electric toms?

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    I just read an old interview of Blotzer. He started playing at 16 and was self taught.
    On the first 2 albums( maybe more ) he did in fact only use a single bass. He added a second bass just for stage presence and then began playing double bass live but he never did anything fancy with it.
    On the fist album and I think the second, his rack toms were Simmons electric. Thats how he got that cool rack sound on the song “ wanted man “.

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