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    Frankie Banali (1951-2020) was an American rock drummer, mostly known for playing with the multi-platinum album heavy metal band "Quiet Riot" (which was started by Randy Rhoades). Quiet Riot is the first heavy metal band to hit number one on Billboard and ushered in the 80s metal band era.

    Frankie played with Qiet Riot in these years: 19821989 19932003 20042007 20102020.

    Frankie also played with W.A.S.P., Billy Idol, Faster *****cat, and Steppenwolf. He recorded thirteen albums with Quiet Riot and also recorded with the Vic Vergeat Band, Bill Thorpe, Kuni, Alex Masi, W.A.S.P. (eight albums), Heavy Bones, Blackthorne, and Julliet.

    "Metal Health" was Quiet Riot's third album and was released in 1983 and was no. 1 on the billboard 200. It sold more than 10,000,000 copies worldwide. Randy was not with them then (but Rudy Sarzo - bass, was). Quiet Riot's first two albums "Quiet Riot" and "Quiet Riot II" were only released in Japan. Drew Forsyth was the drummer on those albums.

    This is Frankie in the "offical" Quiet Riot video of "Cum on Feel the Noize" (song - no. 5 on Billboard).

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    Quiet Riot and Motely crue were my 2 favorite bands growing up. I saw QR 3 times between 82 and 86 and they always put on one hell of a rock show. Frankie Banali always did some really great solo's. Kevin Dubrow had the perfect voice for them and I was always amazed he could sing that way night after night. The beginning of the 2nd verse in Let's get crazy are probably the greatest lyrics ever written..
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    Quiet Riot and Motely Crue --- Great Rock Bands!!

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