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    Got myself a complete new setup.
    All Turkish Cymbals (ofcourse).
    4 x 19” RockBeat Medium Crash
    2 x 14” RockBeat Medium Hihats
    2 x19” RockBeat Swish
    14” RockBeat Swish

    And my pride and joy: 22” Xanthos-Cast Custom Ping Ride. It’s a regular Xanthos-Cast ride with an slightly oversized bell custombuilt for me. It’s a beast! Loud, dry & pronounced with not much wash.
    System of Power

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    that's a nice new cymbal line up!
    14pc Yamaha Maple Custom Vintage (24pc in total) | 12pc PDP X7 | 9pc Ludwig Jr. | 9pc Pork Pie ZebraWood | 7pc PDP Concept Maple Classic | 5pc Sonor International | 5pc Ddrum Dominion | 5pc Orbitone | 4pc Sonor Martini | 65 Snare drums and growing!

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