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    Clive Burr (1957-2013) was born in London, England and played with "Iron Maiden" from 1979 to 1982 and played on their first three albums. He was in a band called "Samson" before that.

    He left the band due to personality conflicts with Steve Harris (bass) which resulted in them arguing during performances (not good).

    After leaving Iron Maiden Clive played with a French group called "Trust" and then "Alcatraz" (famous now due to Yngwie playing with them).

    He also played with "Gogmagog" with Paul Di'Anno (previous vocalist for Iron Maiden, future guitarist for Iron Maiden - Janick Gers, Whitsnake bassist Neill Murray, and ex Def Leppard guitarist Pete Willis.

    Clive also had a band known as "Escape" which was known later as "Stratus" featuring former "Praying Mantis" members. He then joined "Desperado". Although he played with "Elixir" and "Praying Mantis" and is on Praying Manitis' "Captured Live in Tokyo" album, he never became a full member of either band.

    This is Clive playing "Wraithchild" from Iron Maiden's "Killers" album.

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    Big love for this guy, one of my major Rock influences, there's even an interview on Youtube somewhere with McBrain saying 'Clive was a stunningly great drummer'.

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    Beginning of Run To The Hills and The Prisoner will always be bad a$$!

    fond memories... still have my vinyl copy
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    When I was younger, Clive Burr could do no wrong, I loved his drumming. As I got older and wiser, I realized Nikko is a better drummer. Nikko is also a gentleman and such a nice guy. That said, I still love Clive's drumming. With regards to run to the hills and prisoner, my question isn't how he plays it, the question is How did Clive even come up with those intro's? that's the amazing thing about drummers..I wish I could ask Clive that.. also the intro to murders in the rue morgue.

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