David James Mattacks was born in 1948 in Middlesex, England and is an English rock and folk drummer. He is best known for playing with "Fairport Convention". He also has been a session drummer.

He replaced Marin Lamble in Fairport Convention because Marin was involved in a car accident in 1969.

He left Fairport Convention in 1972 and joined "The Albion Country Band". During that time he did a lot of seesion work (for English bands).

He recorded with Elton John, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Cat Stevens, Jimmy Page, The Proclaimers, Gary Brooker, and many others.

This is Dave playing on the song "Matty Grove" from the Fairport Convention album "Leige and Leif". It is a song of unknown origin that dates from aroun 1613 about an adulterous tryst between a young man and a noblewoman that is ended when the woman's husband discovers and kills them. This song exists in many textual variants and has several different names. It's a famous English folk ballad.