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Thread: Gary Mallabar question ( Steve Miller Band )

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    I know Gary used a cracked cymbol on “ rock n me” from book of dreams. Did he use that same cracked cymbol fly like an eagle and take the money and run?
    Also, was it a cracked crash, a cracked ride, or a cracked china ?

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    According to the interwebs (as a friend of mine likes to call it):

    Gary himself said, "On "Rockin Me" (Miller band),........that intro and entire song was the 22" Zildjian China,......split at the edge curve,................almost all the way around,..............NEXT (also Miller band) ,...the song ,.."Take the Money & Run",....that was a 16" crash,......split so badly,......I cut the rest out,...around the bell,.. and it looked like a mechanical drawing Protractor,...1/2 circle with bell attached,......and I still have it!

    He didn't mention what he used on Fly Like An Eagle, but you could ask him here:
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Gary Mallabar question ( Steve Miller Band )

    Gotta love Gary Mallabar.

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