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Thread: Resurrecting a Mapex tom

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    Hey all! Long time no see! had some issues with my account, but those are fixed now. Recently went thrifting and found a vintage Mapex tom for 8 bucks! Snapped it up and brought it home to begin the cleanup.

    Sadly however upon inspection I discovered that one of the lugs wasn't attached properly.

    I took the drum apart to discover that the lug was unfortunately broken.

    I looked around to find a vintage lug to match but it seems pretty hard to find drums from this era, let alone the lugs sold separately. I looked into buying a tube lug to somewhat match, the hole spacing is 7" apart and it seems like I cant find any tube lugs of that hole distance. Ive also looked into just using two single point lugs (dont mind that they dont match the other lugs). Any ideas on if I can score a vintage lug? Anyone possibly know if I can find 7" hole distance tube lugs? Is two separate lugs a good idea? Thanks for any help guys, I was so excited to restore this and now Im at a standstill.

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    You can try searching eBay.
    That looks like it’d be hard to find a match. You can always go with two separate lugs. Sometimes you may have better luck finding another Tom with those lugs instead of just the tube lug.
    Running into more money.

    Reminder: if you quit now, you’re only out $8.
    Good luck in whatever transpires.
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    I've had some luck on some of the FB Drum groups. Everyone seems to be using that now more than reverb/ebay/craigslist.
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