This is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers playing "Moanin' With Hazel" live at "Au Club Saint-Germain" in Paris in 1959. This is from a three album set, this being Vol. 2., side 1, first song.

The artists are Bobby Timmons (piano), Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Lee Morgan (trumpet), and Jimmy Merritt on bass. The song is sometimes just called "Moanin'" and was originally recorded 1958 on the album called "Moanin'' with Blue Note and realeased in 1959.

Au Club Saint-Germain is fantastic, and I have worn it out over the years lisenting to it over and over, especially "Moanin' With Hazel".

Moanin' was written by Bobby Timmons and is one of the great jazz songs and has been copied by uncountable people.