The Colwell-Winfield Blues Band is one of those great bands that weren't in the limelight of the regular billboard listings and also didn't get much radio play except on stations that played blues music back in the late 60s.

Everyone in the band graduated from Berklee School of Music (as it was called back then when the school just taught music) except Billy Collwell and Moose (nickname).

They had each played with top blues, R&B bands and jazz groups on the road for several years also before coming together to maker this album. (They have one othe live album.)

Later Jack Schroer and Collin Tillton went with Van Morrison and arranged his music for him. They are on Van Morrison's "Moondance" album.

The members are:
Charles "Moose" Sorrento: vocal, piano
Mike Winfield: bass
Bill Colwell: guitar
Colin Tilton: Tenor sax, flute
Chuck Purro: drums
Jack Schroer: alto, tenor , soprano sax

This is "Dead End Street" which was written by David Axelrod and Ben Raleigh and made famous by Lou Rawls. (It's not the Kinks song)