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    When Yngwie was seven year's old he saw a television special on the death of Jimi Hendrix featuring live performance footage of Hendrix setting his guitar on fire, he became obsessed with the guitar, and with his sister's fostering his music in classical music with such masters as Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, and others, he was able to create his classical heavy metal. He was also influenced by Ritchie Blackmore, but it was Nicole Paganini (the master violinist) wich actually led him to synthesize rock and classical music.

    He would practice so much when he was seven years old that his fingers bled. By ten his mother let him stop going to school so he could practice.

    Having sustained a major car crash in which he almost died, another freak accident in which he damaged his hand, and attacks of tendinitis due to his lightning technique he still managed to make a comeback. After many other major changes in his life he wrote this song. It speaks for itself.

    "Crash and Burn" is from Yngwie's seventh album "The Seventh Sign". It's message speaks for itself. How many people can relate to this song?

    The members on this album are:

    Mike Terrana - drums
    Mike Vescera - vocals
    Yngwie - everything else

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    This is "Never Die"

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