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    "The Warriors" is the soundtrack from the 1979 movie "The Warriors". It's about a gang called "The Warriors" that gets blamed for shooting a big gang leader at a huge gathering of gangs in New York City and they have to fight their way back to Cony Island without knowing why everyone is trying to kill them. It's a great movie and a great soundtrack.

    There aren't a lot of songs on the soundtrack but they're good ones.

    This is the soundtrack list of songs.

    1. Theme From "The Warriors" - Barry De Vorzon
    2. Arnold McCuller Nowhere To Run - Arnold McCuller
    3. In Havana - Kenny Vance with Ismael Miranda
    4. Echoes In My Mind - Mandrill
    5. The Fight - Barry De Vorzon
    6. In The City - Joe Walsh
    7. Love Is A Fire - Genya Ravan
    8. Baseball Furies Chase - Barry De Vorzon
    9. You're Movin' Too Slow - Johnny Vastano
    10. Last Of An Ancient Breed - Desmond Child

    This is "In the City" by Joe Walsh.

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    Genya Raven was born in Poland in 1940 and emigrated to the United States in 1947 (with family). She is one of those great underated singers. She is an American now.

    This is Genya singing "Love is a Fire".

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    This song is "Last of an Ancient Breed" by Desmond Child. You have to stand your ground.

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    man I remember that movie. Been a very long time though but I've seen it.
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