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    John Norum was born in Norway (moved to Sweden soon after) in 1964 and has played with Europe (14 albums), Eddie Meduza (4 albums), Dokken, Don Dokken, HammerFall, War and Peace, Carmine Appice, Phantom Blue, Glenn Hughes, Wolfpack, and has made 9 of his own albums.

    This album "Face the Truth" (1992) is just one of his great albums with his superb guitar work.

    The musicians are:

    John Norum - guitar, vocals
    Glenn Hughes - lead vocals
    Peter Baltes - bass
    Henrik Hildén - drums
    John Schreiner - keyboards

    This is "Face the Truth"

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    Default Re: John Norum - Face the Truth

    This is "Distant Voices". This has guest Mickey Dee on drums.

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